Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School kids connect with Nugget on the Flight Deck #militaryfamilies #SupportOurTroops #literacy #elemed

Last month, I read Nugget on the Flight Deck to several students at the Alhambra Education Foundation's Author Festival. Here's what they thought:

"I learned that my name can be spelled:  Kilo Alfa Romeo Echo November (Karen). I liked the special alphabet." --Karen

"I learned that the workers wear color suits to seperate their jobs. I like the aviator's alphabet." --Mabel (Mike Alfa Bravo Echo Lima)

"I learned that jets can go very fast. I liked the part when the jet did the yo yo." --Brandon

"I liked the pilot suit." --Stephanie

"I learned how books are made. I like your books. It was fun." --Helen

"I learn that being a pilot is hard." --Arthur

Yellow shirts give the final ready to a plane taking off the carrier.
Art by Karen

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